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for Office Escalations

ALPHA Office Escalations (AOE) standardizes and automates the entire escalation billing process.

The user-friendly software can be used with any standard Windows-based PC, laptop or server and is flexible enough to accept any owner’s chart of accounts. Moreover, it can accommodate virtually any escalation clause, including annual/cumulative or controllable/non-controllable expense caps.

“ALPHA Office Escalations has removed all the apprehension from performing the annual true-ups. They are now fast, accurate and never disputed. They have been commended by the auditors themselves.”

Karrie S. McCampbell, CPM
Sr. Vice President, Management Services



The Ease of Automated Billing and Support Documentation

  • The software accurately calculates each tenant’s prepayment for the coming year as well as the year-end reconciliation.
  • It generates tenant invoices and cover letters, plus an array of reports and supporting documentation that can prove invaluable during an escalation audit.
  • All prior years’ data are stored for future reference and can be transferred to a new owner in the event of a building sale.




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Product pricing is based on the
number of buildings for which
the software will be used,
with each building (rather than
the purchaser) being specifically
licensed as a user.

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