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Most commercial office leases allocate a portion of building operating expenses to the tenants, commonly known as additional rent, or escalations.

Escalations are a contractual way for property owners and tenants to share certain operating expenses and capital costs incurred for the services used by tenants.

It’s that simple. And yet it’s not.

In fact, escalation charges often make tenants bristle and landlords sweat. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Brownfield & Mayerhofer provides Products and Services to transform the escalation experience between tenants and building owners, assure accuracy and objectivity, strengthen trust, and help resolve disputes when they arise.



We have partnered with BOMA International, to offer you the industry's best escalation products.


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Two ways to improve your escalation billings

Escalation Handbook for Office Buildings (3rd edition)

The Escalation Handbook for Office Buildings

(3rd edition includes 3 new chapters & 37 pages of FAQ's)

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ALPHA Office Escalations

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