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The Escalation Handbook for Office Buildings, authored by William H. Brownfield and Lawrence M. Mayerhofer is published by BOMA International. It is a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide to escalation theory and practices.

First published in 1991, the 3rd edition has been recently updated to include new chapter on Expense Caps, Escalation Audits, and Going Green. It also features a 37 page FAQ of real world questions and answers drawn from our series of BOMA webinars.

A Practical Manual for Managers and Accountants

Clearly written and illustrated, this down-to-earth manual has unique and lasting value for industry novices as well as experienced property managers and real estate accountants.

The handbook’s contents include —

  • Discussion of leases and escalation billings
  • BOMA-approved gross-up theory and methodology
  • Capital amortizations
  • Communication with tenants and auditors
  • Expense pools & expense caps
  • Checklist for preparing the escalation package.




“I have relied on The Escalation Handbook for Office Buildings as an invaluable tool and reference resource over the last fifteen years as a real estate accountant, property manager and leasing agent.”

Trish McQueen Williams
Leasing Manager — Austin Portfolio
PRE Management



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This recently released 3rd edition includes new chapters on Expense Caps, Escalation Audits, and Going Green - plus 37 pages of FAQ's from our BOMA webinars.

Newly released 3rd edition includes 3 new chapters and 37 pages of FAQ's

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