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ESCALATION PREPARATION, Training & Advisory Services

Brownfield & Mayerhofer is proud to serve both property owners and tenants. Our Training and Advisory Services are custom designed for each client’s needs.

When escalation disputes arise, we believe that each party is entitled to and responsible for its “fair share,” as defined by lease documents. Our approach is grounded in our industry-standard methodology. Where the lease is “silent,” we devote ourselves to developing common-sense solutions that serve the relationship of owners and tenants.

Let us prepare your escalations using ALPHA Office Escalations (AOE) software. Contact us for more info.

Services for property owners

  • Escalation Training
  • Advisory Services
  • Escalation Dispute Resolution
  • Invoice Preparation by our real estate professionals using the ALPHA Office Escalations software

Services for tenants

  • Advisory Services
  • Escalation Dispute Resolution
  • Escalation Methodology Review

“Their escalation training was very effective and interesting. It brought our property and accounting teams up to date with current industry trends, standardized our processes and prepared us for audits. And all of our departments are now on the same page.”

John Patterson
Principal/Director of Management
CAPSTAR Commercial Real Estate Services






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Escalation classes and training

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Let us prepare your Escalation bills

  • Our trained professionals can set up your property in the ALPHA Office Escalations software, input your lease data, adjust your expenses and prepare your escalation invoices and cover letters. Call us for more info.