Brownfield & Mayerhofer, Inc.

A Mission of Service to Building
Owners and Users

The mission of Brownfield & Mayerhofer is to serve building owners and tenants by providing products and services that enhance their business relationship. We accomplish this by standardizing escalation calculations and processes to create an industry-accepted methodology. This methodology is disseminated both in electronic and print products for the benefit of clientele. In addition, Brownfield & Mayerhofer provides landlords and tenants dispute-resolution services, expert counseling and professional training.

Industry standards that strengthen trust

The literature and software created by BOMA and Brownfield & Mayerhofer resolve tenant-landlord differences by establishing industry standards for calculating and communicating about escalations — strengthening mutual trust for the benefit of both building owner and user.

Expert advice that saves time, money and relationships

The expert advisory and dispute-resolution services of the firm serve to prevent disputes and, where required, settle disagreements through respectful processes that conserve time, save money and protect relationships. We are proud to serve both owners and tenants.

Customized training that addresses client needs

Our training classes are custom-designed for each client’s needs.

Escalation preparation using the ALPHA Office Escalation software

Let our trained professionals prepare your escalations using our proprietary software. We'll set up your building, abstract leases, adjust expenses, and create your escalation invoices and cover letters.




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“I like the invoices for tenants. The breakdown and format are very clean and understandable. The program makes it easy to verify any caps on expenses or gross-up calculations – and there are fewer human errors.”

Karen Bray
Property Manager
Lincoln Property Company