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Our Clients Talk about Our Products

Sprinkled throughout our Web site you will find testimonials from satisfied clients of Brownfield & Mayerhofer products and services. We regularly add comments from new users. We hope to place a quote from you here soon.

"We have used the software for our escalations for several years. As the industry changes and demographics trends change, it allows you to customize the escalation reconciliations and prebills to a tenant specific or building specific level, change the tenants percentage levels monthly, use gross ups at any level, include or exclude expenses, create pools, and create the documention for any tenant questions.   Larry and Bill have always been very helpful in solving our problems as they occur and creating a work around if needed.  We used Excel prior, but nothing out there can come close to what this program can do for commercial properties and the CAM recon's".

Charla Fletcher, Controller

Double H Realty Services, LLC - Haggard Property Group, Ltd

"We used to rely on Excel spreadsheets for our escalation billings. This escalation software is much more dependable, since formulas can’t be changed. It’s fast: Year 2 was a breeze, since we only had to input changes. And using BOMA approved methodology makes our tenants really comfortable.”

Brett Williams, Property Manager
Thomas Property Group

“I have relied on The Escalation Handbook for Office Buildings as an invaluable tool, resource and reference source over the last fifteen years as a real estate accountant, a property manager and a leasing agent.”

Trish McQueen, Leasing Manager - Austin Portfolio
Crescent Real Estate Equities, Ltd.

“The software has removed all the apprehension from performing the annual true-ups. They are now fast, accurate and never disputed. They have been commended by the auditors themselves.”

Karrie S. McCampbell, CPM, Vice President, Management Services
Transwestern Commercial Services

“The software is great and easy to use. Makes reconciliations much easier.”

Carol Sapstead, Property Manager
Lincoln Property Company

“I like the invoices for tenants. The breakdown and format are very clean and understandable. The program makes it easy to verify any caps on expenses or gross-up calculations – and there are fewer human errors.”

Karen Bray, Property Manager
Lincoln Property Company

“We’ve achieved greater consistency in our year-end reconciliation’s, gross-up calculations and our tenant pre-billings. The software easily works with gross and triple-net leases, multiple-expense pools and detail reporting.”

Paul Noetzel, Associate Director
CB Richard Ellis, Austin, Texas

“Their escalation training was very effective and interesting. It brought our property and accounting teams up to date with current industry trends, standardized our processes and prepared us for audits. And all of our departments are now on the same page.”

John Patterson, Principal/Director of Management
CAPSTAR Commercial Real Estate Services